Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Adventure Time

I've definitely been missing in action for months. Husband is officially out to sea. OPSEC prevents further information, but ya'll know how that goes! :) So while he is away I vowed to my children we are HAVING FUN!!!! So how do you have fun, on a budget with a family as large as ours? Well here is what I have found: DiscoverOhio  provides a lot of simple, free (or inexpensive) activities to do in within the state.

Our first weekend with daddy away was spent on a hiking adventure. We went to the beautiful Mohican State Park in Loudonville, Ohio. It was a perfect day! Blue skies, 78 degrees, light breeze. No SUNBURNS!

We packed a picnic lunch for after our hike. We had a BLAST! After our picnic we packed back into the car and I saw a sign: Millersburg-12 miles so I thought, why not, JoJo LOVES the Amish, why not head that way. We did, but before we got there, all 5 were passed out! So I stopped at a local Amish farm and purchased some fresh produce and headed back home. We'll go to Amish Country another day.

I thought as a resource I would post a few tips for families wanting to take similar trips.

What to pack:
Extra Clothes and shoes for EVERYONE (mom and dad included)
Snacks or a picnic lunch
Sunscreen, First Aid Kit
Stroller for the littles (however if you buy one on the way, ahem like I did, make sure all the wheels are attached or you have scissors to remove the zip ties.)

Here are some photos from our trip on Saturday:
 Swinging in the picnic area
 on a log
 Sitting on another log... seemed like a good ide
 Caves were fun!
 Up the hills... one by one
 Hiding in a cave
 Sisterly LOVE!
 TOE SHOES-Perfect for hiking
 The kids skipped rocks (or tried) and watched a stranger fly fish.

$20.00- 5# Rhubarb (for pies) 1/2 peck of apples (making homemade applesauce), Apple Cider, 2 tomatoes, and a cucumber! :) All fresh from the garden & orchard.

 We even visited NASHVILLE (Ohio) that is. :)

 Lyons Falls. Very pretty! (1.25 miles from the car) AND THEY ALL MADE IT!
 Some pretty cool trikes along the drive (and my arm in the mirror)
Friday I'll post about the zoo... :)


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