Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning;Organization and Purge-a-thon 2011

The time has come, I am absolutely OVERWHELMED by all the clutter, all the mess and all the STUFF that 7 people have or have aquired. I have planned to do nothing but clean, organize, purge, etc. this weekend. I am getting rid of the clutter I am starting anew. Below are some photos that remind me of our basement and my master closet... I think I might be embarresed to post actual photos. :) I have located these randomly via google search.

These are my semi inspirations. I am planning a MAJOR overhaul!


These are just inspirations, but I have got to declutter my self. I think these small steps will allow for this to be a lot happier momma!

What have you done for Spring Cleaning this year?


  1. when you are done there, you can always come here and help me! I have so much clutter than my helps are saying they aren't helping anymore! Ugh!

  2. If you have a spare room, I find that it is easier to organize everything if you take everything out of the room you want to clean, put it in that spare space, and then slowly bring back only what you really need into the original room and get rid of the rest. Makes your spare room messy for a while, but it's the only way I can declutter a dump room!