Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Randomness

Good Evening! Wow , what a week and weekend... Last Sunday my husband was notified that he would be laid off work... emotional moment, I mean really, we have four kids and one on the way, and yes I make a wonderful salary, but not enough to really survive on for a long period of time. Soooo we went into planning mode. He is now a stay at home Dad, until further notice.... I think it has been an eye opening experience. :) And I must admit that I do enjoy coming straight home from work and dinner being ready or close to it. I have came to the defense of my husband a lot this week though... At our Family Life conference one of the speakers said something that resinated with me, everyone is quick to judge and kick in the slow jab of "Oh, he's Mr. Mom", ummm NO, he is Dad! I don't think that his masculinity should be challenged simply because he is staying home.  I digress... Tuesday and Wednesday were quite a blur, Thursday the girls had scouts so we did dinner and then picked them up. Friday I just couldn't bear it... I took PT and came home to relax... The girls had scouts again, and after pizza we picked them up... Now here is where it gets interesting and where my OPINION is going to come out... Be warned :) My hormones are a bit of a mess right now....  hehehehe...

Saturday started at 4 AM! Yes it did!!! Angel Food delivery, always fun, but makes for a long day. I spent the next 5 hours handing out food. Josh delivered the big girls to me and we headed off to Wal-Mart to work the FINAL Girl Scout cookie booth... all was well at the booth, however it was quite the eye opening experience. For those of you who don't know my husband requested a few years ago that I not shop at Wal-Mart. At the time I found it to be completely stupid... but rather than fight, I complied, and God am I glad I did. (The reason for this is he finds it incredibly irresponsible for Wal-Mart to over work, under pay their workforce but the main reason being that they provide benefits for same-sex couples.) Now that I have been shopping at Target and various other stores, I seemed to forget the culture of what you get when you go to Wal-Mart... OMG let me tell you... I saw it all! Children dressed hmmm how to put this, very unappropriately, adults dressed worse, please don't get me wrong, I don't judge people on what they wear, I go to the store in sweats, BUT (and this is a BIG BUT!) if you are excessively overweight, I don't believe you should be wearing leggings as your main form of clothing... in public, also on the other end of the spectrum just because you are skinny, doesn't mean that you have the right to show up half naked... I mean really! Have some decency... I think the two occurences that did it for me were the fact that some idiot got mad because the car in front of her wasn't turning fast enough so she decided to honk the horn and drive on the sidewalk (nearly hitting the GS Leader, myself, and my children) rather than be patient... And the REALLY!?!?!?! award winner goes to, the couple (young (under 30)) I would say that found it necessary to PARK in the fire zone to go do their shopping... I mean we have all idled in this area, while someone ran in, BUT REALLY you are that lazy that you can't park, walk, and then shop... From here I took the girls to lunch and we headed to the grocery. The rest of the evening is a blur...

Sunday began with church, then we headed over to the lunch buffet at Pizza Hut... The kids love this! Here is my peeve. The kids only eat cheese pizza... I realize by selecting the buffet you run the risk of not getting what you want, but I find it completely repulsive for a 350# grown man who can barely walk with assistance finding the need to take an entire cheese pizza off the buffet when there are plenty other choices when you clearly hear 4 small children indicating that they will only each cheese... I like a deal as much as the next person, but how about we use some common sense and common courtesy once in a while... Pshwew... We killed another hour and a half in town and then we dropped the big girls off at a birthday party. (they went to bed talking about the party and I believe it was one of the first things I heard this morning.) I took the little girls home and we played nap time... Then Josh decided Sera should stay with his mother. I headed back to pick up the girls and then we delivered Sera to Sheba's. By the time I returned home I was WAY TOO TIRED to cook, SO...we had macaroni and corn dogs... LOL! Quick and easy! Then it was time for baths and bed.

So that's my weekend in a nut shell.
Sorry about all the ranting, but REALLY?? :)


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