Tuesday, July 3, 2012

9 of the longest days of my life

There is going to be a lot of revisions to this post, however, about 2 weeks ago I told you we had a rough road ahead of us... And we do, I just had no idea how bad....

Here is the quickest version:

June 25th I was moved to Ante-partum to "cook" for a few more weeks before Baby N #6 arrived. After all I had bee stable for 4 days and no bleeding for at least 3. 9:45 am I was moved to my new room -692... The day went well. We even agreed my mom and brother would go home to rest, afterall I would just be sleeping... I sent my mom home at 7p and by 7:45 I called her because things had taken a turn for the worse. I was getting ready for my thirty minutes out of bed and began to bleed profusely.

By 8:45 I was moved back to labor and delivery because the bleeding was out of control. The Resident came in, placed me in stirrups, and "cleaned me out" with approximately 50 Mucho sized q-tips... only to find my water had broken and we were delivering thing baby NOW.

C-Section prep, etc. Baby girl was born at 22:24 at exactly 27 weeks gestation. During that surgery they determined a complete hyterectomy would be required, all the while I was awake and all was fine. Then my bladder was determined to needing reconstruction, along with my bowels. I was under the impression that I was awake for all of this, but at some point, something went wrong and they needed to put me in to general anestithia. I ended up getting 15 bags of blood, and 4 bags of plasma, etc. Little did I know until days later that they lost me on the table a couple times. We'll come back to that later. My beautiful little miracle was moved to the NICU and was doing well. She was 2lbs and 3 ounces.

One would think over the next few days I would start recovering and would be discharged... Wrong. I am still (9 days after delivery) admitted and its going to be at minimum 4 more days... I haven't eaten in days... not even clear liquids, and I'm beginning to feel the mental effects.

So that is the "basics", I'll go into the "details" later. They just administered pain meds and quite frankly I'm dosing in and out.

Please let me introduce you to:

Caedynce Hope Nihiser:  25 June, 2012
2lbs, 3 ounce bundle of joy
12 1/2" long.

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  1. oh, what a precious treasure she is!!!! I hope you get better very very soon and that you and that bundle will be home soon!