Thursday, November 4, 2010


Well I've decided that I am going back to school... It really was inevitable, I've really wanted to for a long time, but now if I want to progress in my job much further I really need a degree. I've longed to go to nursing school, however I really can't justify leaving a perfectly good job making $45,000 a year to follow a dream. If I did I'd be giving up a retirement plan that I've been vested in for 8 of my 9 years here.

I have decided a degree in Marketing is my best bet. I've been "recruitted" a couple of times by various recruiters for the Navy, I even took my asfab, however I told them the only way I would join is if I could enlist  APG (Advance Pay Grade) bypassing boot camp... What I've learned... They hate when you know the lingo!

There are several jobs here in our Marketing department, and I know that I can do really well in those type of jobs.

So now I fill out our FASFA and wait... I'll keep writing about the process.

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