Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Where I've been, what we've been doing and MORE!

WOW! It has definitely been a looooooonnnnngggg time since I have signed onto my page to read fellow bloggers, let alone actually blog! 2014 I plan to blog my journeies. I have a lot of "stuff" to talk about and a lot that has happend to baby C since her traumatic birth circa June 2012. It has literally been almost 15 months since I posted. Hubs is deployed. OPSEC protected info, but we have weekly conversation. He's been gone since February 2013... and is slated home Octoberish even though his original orders had him coming home Feb 4, he was given an extension until the end of the mission rather than cycling someone new in.

"O" the eldest is becoming a young lady too fast! It seems as though yesterday I was scared to death to be 18 and pregnant. God knew what he was doing her. She's struggled a lot with sixth grade this year. We're almost in the last third of school. She's been incredibly sick, not super sure why. At first I thought it was her nerves with a specific teacher, then as it continued we began to notice that while that hieghtened the situation that there is definitely something else going on. We go to the GI specialist tomorrow and an Allergist next month. "O" has become such a little mommy towards "C" they are joined at the hip most of the time. "C's" due date would've put them with either the same birthday or very close, but as you read, "C" had her own plans. (I'm going to go back and read those posts tonight, as you will read later not only was the delivery traumatic, but my recovery was one that has taken almost two years. For me it'll be interesting to read my thoughts "in the moment" and reflect.)

"P" is growing up wise and wonderful. She is my fashionista, my independent free minded, do it yourself kinda girl. She has been a BIG help with the littles. She is always stealing my clothes and shoes, which DO NOT FIT... but she insists on "what if" all the time. She's doing well in school. I have to say I'm very proud of her. I was really afraid of my children bullying others just based in their actions towards each other, that being said I was at parent teacher conferences and the teachers asked if P had disclosed that there were a group of girls bullying her. I went home and talked to her about it and she didn't want to rat out her friends. The kid has compassion regardless if she is the victim or not. She's been a BIG help to my grandparents lately and she's probably going to miss them the most of my girls when they are gone.

"S" is still a free spirit! Her ADHD is finally under control and she is a straight A student that strives for perfectionism and validation for her successes. I love that about her. Her teachers are amazed at her attention to detail and memory, I am too infact. If I loose something, bet your last dollar that "S" will find it! She quietly misses her daddy even though she doesn't outwardly express it, that trait she has definitely learned from her daddy. She's recently taken interest in music so lessons are in the work for her and a couple of her sisters. She told me today that she wants to be a Vetrinarian just like "O". My oldest four have declared their career paths and I will to do what I need to do to make it happen for them.

"J".... Hmmmmm,well she was recently dx with ADD- Impulsive and Obedient Defiant. She's a spunky kid whose whit can compete with that of an 80 yr old man. She's sassy and the life of the party. She's my thumb sucker which is cute, but at 6 really needs to stop. She was dx in March with Human Growth Hormone Deficientcy and receives monthly hormone injection as part of a clinical research study. Currently we go to Nationwide Children's Hospital for the injections, but we were informed that they will be sent home in a couple months for us to do at home for the rest of her life. HgH Deficient Children are also known as little people. She's projected to reach 48" tall.

"L" little Belle is my fairy princess she tip toes around like a fairy all the time. She's giggly and very pure at heart. I love her innocense. She reminds me of Snow White as she has a very fair complections as well as bright ruby red lips. She has a raspy voice and is a true snuggle bug... so much so that even my California King bed isn't big enough for the two of us.

Finally "C" is such a fighter, she's grown leaps and bounds from that 2# 2oz 12" 27 week preemie!
She has a G-tube for essential feedings, she had the Nissen procedure, she's partially deaf, her muscle tone is rigid, and she may have the same condition as "J", BUT overall she's a BEAMING little princess who lights up my life. Her sisters call her Boo because she resembles Boo from Monsters Inc.

I've been struggling with PTSD and was admitting to OSU's Partial Program, that'll be a stand alone blog, but it sheds light on where I've spent the last 19 months of my life. I've learned a lot about myself and a lot about my support system as well. It's funny how high school drama carries over into Corporate America which is a stand alone post as well. It's sad how your friends disappear when you need them the most, but its also refreshing to see who you meet along your journey in life and in sickness and in health.

My final notes for today- I started selling Pure Romance back in March/April. Little did I know I would meet an array of amazing women and network with successful women from acrossed the world! My business was very lucrative for 2013, I can only wait to see what 2014 brings for me and my business goals and dreams! If you're interested my web page is: www.amandanihiser.pureromance.com or I can host a party for you. If you've ever thought about working from home and bringing in extra cash Pure Romance is the way to go. Now through Feb 15 kits are $79, $143, $383, & $863!

Love and kisses,


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to work... and Project Gummy Bear progress

I've been back to work for three days now... I'm exhausted!!! But I'm getting into the swing of things. I am hoping that over the next few weeks I get into a routine, you know just in time for my husband to be redeployed. I have to keep telling myself "this is what we signed up for"... Errr

I am so excited to be getting Project Gummy Bear off of the ground. I would love to make it a full time job and what not. It is nice to see a vision become a reality and bloom. I have a good friend who helped tweak some concept ideas and move forward some things that were hanging on by threads. I promise to unveil my first blog posts later this week. Our internet has just been quirky the last few days and it seems when I want to work its not.

I read a new blog today... I am hoping to see if she'll be a guest blogger... because I'm only three blogs into her page and rolling on the floor laughing... More to come on that!



Return The Favor Blog Hop!

I found this through another random blog I read and was very excited. I want to expand my readers so that I can have more giveaways, review more products, and meet new bloggy friends. So here you have it friends: http://www.yourstrulyblog.com/2012/10/return-favor-hop-week-13-bloglovin.html

Link on up and lets get to know one another!



Monday, October 22, 2012

Mommy Moment Monday... although they could be everyday lets face it~

The Life Of Faith

I have been SO busy lately. Today after 124 days of sick leave I returned to work. It was very bittersweet. I never thought of myself as a stay at home momma... until the tornado of "hell" I experienced this past summer. I promise to blog about it soon. I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after my first discharge and well... it is still hard to discuss. I could have left 6 little ladies mommy-less and quite frankly that scares me to death. I am getting better everyday, but going back to work has made me realize I want to focus on school more and stay home and absorb every minute I have with these little darlings.

I am diligently working on our new charity. I am so happy to have support from my family with this... Not only is this going to be a good thing for the NICU mommas we are helping, it will be theraputic for me. Once I get the posts finalized (they are sitting in drafts right now) I will post a link from here so I'd love for you to follow me and  our journey!

Hubs is heading back to deployment in 114 days, which seems like a long time, however lets face it we know how quick that will go.

     Driving to work this morning I realized really quickly I am going to have to make some car seat adjustments... My ever so clever 2 1/2 year old learned how to loosen the straps on her booster seat and slip out... Yes this is concerning, however it gets better...

Me: Lybertei, what are you doing?
L: (Hysterically crying) I no like this!
Me: What peanut? Wait why are you out of your carseat? Lybertei Jaimz!!!! #outofthemouthofmoms
L: I no like! (as she strips naked, except for her shoes)

Apparently she hated the clothes I selected for her this morning because there were no pockets... She did safely slide back into her 5 point harness and retighten the straps.  I carried her into the babysitters wrapped in a blanket and explained that she didn't like her clothes for the day. The babysitter laughed and said she'd handle it. Josey then proceeded to make me feel like the worst mother in the world by holding onto my leg and BEGGING me to not go to work.. She said she didn't need to dance, we could just dance at home if I just wouldn't go... Oye!

Link up ladies!

Until tomorrow God Bless!



Thursday, October 11, 2012

moved... business ventures... charity... etc!

Pardon the mess! We moved so now I'm getting organized and can come back to blogging!!! Until then visit my website: and lets get healthy together. www.amandanihiser.bodybyvi.com And finally I know its short notice, but please check out my Thirty One Party. All of my "hostess rewards" are bring used for Project Gummy Bear... more to come on the project, but we're finding 80 gift bags to NICU mommies by Dec.31 .... Our goal for 2013 is 80 per month! Gummy Best is the nickname the hubs gave our little miracle! my party is at: www.mythirtyone.com/ashleylancaster and look for my name. Your help is greatly appreciated! God Bless, Amanda

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A long road ahead

Since June 19th my life has been a whirlwind of days that have ran together. Rushed to the hospital and being admitted to eventually thinking it was all going to be ok, to rushed into an emergency c-section at 27 weeks... and on and on.

Our little miracle is progressing as well as can be expected in the NICU here at The Ohio State University... She still has a very long road ahead of her. I can't imagine what we have ahead of us even though I have had several friends with babies who were born at a similar gestational age. Baby Caedynce is doing well with her feeds and we are almost to the point where they will be removing her PICC line.

Her CPAP is working on a minimum even though they will keep her on it regardless for at least another 2 weeks due to her gestational age. Her O2 is on 24% though which is VERY promising... We as adults breath 21%... So 3% plus time and we will be on our way.

The prayers we have received have emmensly poured through as they are what have carried us through, now if I could get healed then we would be golden! :)

That is the update thus far,

God Bless,


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

9 of the longest days of my life

There is going to be a lot of revisions to this post, however, about 2 weeks ago I told you we had a rough road ahead of us... And we do, I just had no idea how bad....

Here is the quickest version:

June 25th I was moved to Ante-partum to "cook" for a few more weeks before Baby N #6 arrived. After all I had bee stable for 4 days and no bleeding for at least 3. 9:45 am I was moved to my new room -692... The day went well. We even agreed my mom and brother would go home to rest, afterall I would just be sleeping... I sent my mom home at 7p and by 7:45 I called her because things had taken a turn for the worse. I was getting ready for my thirty minutes out of bed and began to bleed profusely.

By 8:45 I was moved back to labor and delivery because the bleeding was out of control. The Resident came in, placed me in stirrups, and "cleaned me out" with approximately 50 Mucho sized q-tips... only to find my water had broken and we were delivering thing baby NOW.

C-Section prep, etc. Baby girl was born at 22:24 at exactly 27 weeks gestation. During that surgery they determined a complete hyterectomy would be required, all the while I was awake and all was fine. Then my bladder was determined to needing reconstruction, along with my bowels. I was under the impression that I was awake for all of this, but at some point, something went wrong and they needed to put me in to general anestithia. I ended up getting 15 bags of blood, and 4 bags of plasma, etc. Little did I know until days later that they lost me on the table a couple times. We'll come back to that later. My beautiful little miracle was moved to the NICU and was doing well. She was 2lbs and 3 ounces.

One would think over the next few days I would start recovering and would be discharged... Wrong. I am still (9 days after delivery) admitted and its going to be at minimum 4 more days... I haven't eaten in days... not even clear liquids, and I'm beginning to feel the mental effects.

So that is the "basics", I'll go into the "details" later. They just administered pain meds and quite frankly I'm dosing in and out.

Please let me introduce you to:

Caedynce Hope Nihiser:  25 June, 2012
2lbs, 3 ounce bundle of joy
12 1/2" long.